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Stone Park Il Harley Davidson For Sale

Nearby Stone Park Harley-Davidson Shop

Chicago Cycles Motorsports has been passionate about taking care of you and your bike since before our current shop even opened its doors. Although our original store went through some location changes and even permanent closure in 2010, our founder, Big Ed, brought us back so the great people of the Chicago area could have access to quality Harleys at affordable prices.
Our new and improved Stone Park shop offers a variety of repair and maintenance services as well as thorough detailing to make your ride shine like never before. Looking to upgrade your hog? Chicago Cycles Motorsports buys used motorcycles so you can easily upgrade to your dream bike. It’s time to make room in your garage for one of the high-quality used Harleys in our extensive showroom.

Basic Services

Our professional mechanics can fix any type of motorcycle you bring to us, but Harley-Davidsons are especially our pride and joy. We understand how important it is to take care of these expertly crafted bikes, and this is why we offer a comprehensive list of basic repair and maintenance services to all of our customers.
We can assist you with brake service, carburetor cleaning and tuning, mounting and balancing of tires, replacement of chains and sprockets, fixing of fork seals, and complete oil changes, just to name a few. On top of that, we can store your hog for the winter or even give her a full tune-up! When your bike breaks down or is in need of restoration, we are quick to fix the problem so you can get back out on the road as soon as possible.

Speciality Services

Our more specialized repairs are often associated with our work on foreign bikes, but our used Harley-Davidsons get just as much love as our Japanese V-twins with our compiled catalog of services. We can rebuild your engine or wiring harness, and we can customize your bike with new seat upholstery, fabrication, painting, or powder coatings.
No matter how we help get your Harley looking its absolute best, you can rest assured that you will not have to pay big dealership prices. Unlike most name brand competitors who expect over $100 an hour, our experienced Harley technicians charge only $80 an hour for equally impressive maintenance and repair services. Choose what is best for you and your bike, and bring your Harley-Davidson to Stone Park, IL to Chicago Cycles Motorsports.

Detailing Services

Over time, riding can be damaging to your motorcycle’s paint finish and seating, making your prized Harley-Davidson look less than its best. Taking the time to clean your bike so it looks as gorgeous as the day you first laid eyes on it can be a struggle. This is why Chicago Cycles Motorsports offers several detailing services for our bikers who would rather spend their time riding than scrubbing.

  • Paint Restoration
  • Our complete paint restoration turns back time with a buff, polish, and protective wax that makes your Harley look brand new.
  • Chrome Rejuvenation
  • Chrome rejuvenation is a similar jaw-dropping process in which we soak, meticulously scrub, and acid wash the chrome components of your bike so it shines like never before.
  • Engine Detail
  • Our engine detailing requires a deep-clean of your hog’s engine, which in turn, betters its performance when you take it out for the next ride.
  • Full Wash & Air Dry
  • We can also clean the leather of your seats and give your Harley a full wash and air dry before we transport it back to you.

Whatever detailing service you choose, we guarantee your bike will look incredible.


When it comes to purchasing a high-quality, ready-to-ride used Harley-Davidson, Chicago Cycles Motorsports has the selection you’re looking for. Once you’ve searched our ever-increasing inventory and uncovered the bike of your dreams, it is easy to apply for our installment financing, no matter your credit! We believe that everyone has the right to experience the thrill of riding a Harley, so we will advocate for your financial situation every step of the way.

Choose What’s Right For Your Harley

As one of the leading used Harley-Davidson dealers in Chicago and one of the finest motorcycle repair shops in the entire state of Illinois, we have you covered at Chicago Cycles Motorsports. We are determined to bring out the full potential of both you and your Harley, and we look forward to welcoming you to the family. Call us at 708-397-5151 to talk to us about your bike, or simply introduce yourself!